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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  June 23, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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not so great weather. unless you love it warm and sticky. this is your sort of day. got a couple of stands of this tropical air mass out there. 80 degrees at 9:00. spotty shower this morning. then the threat for a strong thunderstorm this afternoon. but should be somewhat isolated, i believe. looking at the satellite and radar, off to the south and west, been watching the showers moving in just across the region. really into western maryland, most of it now pulling in toward pennsylvania there. up toward gettysburg. there it is west of gettysburg coming in toward i-80 and headed toward harrisburg. around here, it is a quiet morning but a very muggy morning. temperatures mid to upper 70s, winchester is 77. cool spots in the low 70s. we're about 80 degrees. monika? >> yucky. >> it is kind of yucky out. unfortunately. but we've got the green light which means traffic is doing ok. good morning, everybody. on the beltway, we'll zoom into 95 and take a look live where
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we've got a couple of slowdowns right now. two stretches from the prince william parkway as you head up route 123. lorton into springfield. another look at maps right now. we'll zoom into the other side of town. looking at 66 on the inbound side. live right now, it is picking up in volume basically from manassas over to route 28. we'll take a live look. then it is slow again from route 50 to 123. a disabled vehicle just reported at nutley street. no lane information on that as of yet. and now a look at your travel times. on 295 northbound from the beltway to the 11th street bridge, 7 minutes. 95 southbound from 216 to the beltway, 10 minutes. beltway headed to the wilson bridge right now, only 9 minutes. in my next report, andrea, we'll take a look at the dulles toll road. >> it is a busy thursday morning here on 9news now. let's get a check of the stories we're following for you right now. a pedestrian is struck and killed in fairfax county. it happened overnight along
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route one and hybla valley. the driver stayed on the scene. a man suspected in last week's security scare in arlington is due in court today. yonathan melaku is linked to related break-ins. there is forensic evidence linking him to shootings last fall at military installations around the area. president obama gets ready to head to fort drum in new york hours after he announced his plans to begin pulling american troops out of afghanistan. we'll have more on all of the stories in the next five minutes. but first, metrobus riders should be prepared for a rough morning. >> riders could get caught in the middle of a dispute between bus drivers and metro. it involves safety and security. >> surae chinn is following this commuter alert. she's in northwest washington. so, what's the latest on the bus service, surae? wow. >> well, there are some delays. in fact, the driver who is leaving right now, she's 25 minutes late to her route. so, she's heading out there right now. she had to go through her
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inspection and that just took a lot longer. it is required but they're going through it much more thoroughly. you see a lot of the buses have actually left. they're still going through this checkpoint system. we have anthony garland here who is the safety union officer on duty. you have driven buses for some two decades. tell us what's going on right now. >> right now, they have put out extra assistance to assist the drivers. they've gone and fixed some of the technical problems that we spoke about in the last couple of days which is on addressing the expired d.c. inspection tickets and things of that sort. the operators are still going through their safety checks and they're going to make sure that central acknowledges them before they leave. >> what's the average time of the driver's delay? >> this division has a pretty good pmi ratio. they have a lot of new buses. so, therefore, most of the -- inspection tickets were good. they have problems.
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central wasn't calling them back. management was willing to switch them off with different buses. >> they're required to radio in. the system is overloaded. >> the system may be overloaded but they have to build a system that can accommodate the needs of the operators if there is an emergency anyway. >> thank you, anthony garland, the union safety rep. buses are coming and going but you can expect delays. in fact, we just talked about one woman whose 25-minute delay, that could be your situation this morning. back to you, mike. >> budget in extra time. be careful in the parking lot, surae. remember the bus drivers on strike in arlington last week? well, now, those drivers have been fired. they were in a labor dispute with forsythe transportation, a company in arlington, the arlington county uses for the art buses. "the washington post" reports 35 out of the 36 drivers who were striking were fired for violating a no strike provision in the contract. new this morning, a 60- year-old man is dead, struck
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and killed by a car in fairfax county. it happened just before midnight along route one near arlington drive in hybla valley. police say the man was not in a crosswalk when an suv struck him in the northbound lanes. the victim was tyne the hospital where he later died. the suv driver remained on the scene. as of right now, no charges have been filed. the man accused of sparking a major security scare in northern virginia last week heads to court today. >> yonathan melaku charged in an unrelated string of car break-ins as well. accusations are starting to get more serious. >> sources confirm to 9news now, there is forensic evidence linking him to a series of shootings last fall. the targets were all military in nature and fortunately, no one was hurt in the incidents. melaku has not been charged in the shootings. he's not been charged in last week's scare either. as for those five shootings, the first one was at the marine corps museum in triangle, virginia. two days later, shots were fired at the pentagon.
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there was a shooting at a marine corps recruiting station in chantilly. another at the marine corps museum and the final was at a coast guard recruiting station near potomac mills. president obama heads to fort drum today. >> the trip comes hours after the president outlined his plans to withdraw troops from afghanistan. it is a plan not everyone agrees with. >> reporter: hundreds of troops from afghanistan returned home to fort carson, colorado on wednesday, greeted by loved ones, they haven't seen in over a year. >> i'm happy. i got the things i treasure the most. >> by next summer, 33,000 other troops will be reunited with their families. during a national address last night, president obama said major strides including the killing of osama bin laden is allowing the u.s. to draw down
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its military force. the remaining 70,000 troops will be brought home at a steady pace and the president plans to hand over security to the afghan people. in 2014. >> over the last decade, we've spent a trillion dollars on war. now, we must invest in america's greatest resource. our people. >> reporter: military leaders are supporting the president's decision but lawmakers on capitol hill are split over the pace of the drawdown. after the president's speech, republican senator lindsay graham hosted a tweet saying we've undercut a strategy that was working but house minority leader nancy pelosi says the president's plan doesn't remove troops fast enough. many democrats believe the money being spent on the war should be spent here. >> the country in the world that needs nation building the most is the united states of america. >> president obama says huge challenges remain in afghanistan and this is the beginning but not the end of america's effort to wind down the war. on capitol hill, joel brown,
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9news now. the thousands of postal workers in our region with a little wary. the agency is stopping its contribution to retirement benefits in an order to save money. it will cache $800 million this year alope. it says it has overpaid retirement accounts and nearly $7 billion and it needs congress to give the money back. the postal service work he were's union will do whatever it can to protect retirement benefits. the british embassy here in washington is telling pretties to keep a stiff upper lip as they try to deal with a huge application backlog. it should only take a few weeks but some are waiting three months or more. the embassy blames a surge in demand and it is leaving some travelers here in washington very upset. >> i'm disgusted by the service we're getting, to be honest. >> i've lost my passport. they say it will take a bit
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longer. >> the british embassy released a statement... here's a look at what's still ahead in this hour of 9news now. >> coming up in about four minutes, making sure your boss doesn't see your private facebook information. advice on separating your personal life and your professional life and your private one. >> at 6:36, rumors are flying over the newest version of the iphone. learn what it may have and when it should come out. >> howard has the thursday forecast. your weather first when 9news now returns.
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12 minutes after 6:00 a.m. spotty shower this morning. it is warm and sticky. mid-80s at lunchtime with humidity, some sunshine. by 5:00, isolated strong thunderstorms. we'll have highs today around 90. i'll be back. looking toward the weekend. here's monika. >> howard, we're taking a look live at a serious accident on the northbound side of i had been 95 at the franconia springfield parkway. a motorcycle is involved. back up to route 7100. we'll have more on my next report at 6:18. >> thanks, monika. >> one of the fbi's ten most wanted behind bars this morning. james whitey bulger caught after 16 years on the run.
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one of the stories making news at 6:12 this morning. the 81 -year-old involved with the irish mob. he's wanted for 19 murders. it was tipped off that he was about to be indicted. he was found with his girlfriend last night in a santa monica apartment. they're due in court today. >> some of the rivers in north dakota are flowing over levees. in some of the worst flooding in decades. it forced 11,000 people out of their homes in minot. rivers may not fully crest until this weekend. >> minor damage at some of or one of the most famous racetracks in the country. churchill downs, a possible tornado hit louisville. no injuries reported but racing there has been canceled for today. andrea? >> facebook started as a way for students at harvard to connect. now, it is used by more than half a billion people. so how is the site changing and how can you make sure your personal information isn't seen by someone you don't want
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seeing it? joining with us advice is tech expert jule. it has about 16 million readers and about a million in canada. are we getting tired of it? facebook fatigue setting? >> facebook is hitting saturation in a lot of countries around the world. in most countries, they hit almost half of the entire online audience. their challenge, i think isn't growth anymore because just about everybody is on. it is how much time are you spending? are you going to be shopping? are you going to be doing new things? are governments being toppled in the mideast? this has moved from something some of us are on and some of us play games on to almost essential tool we use to find jobs, to connect with friends, to reconnect with family. it is hard not to be on some form of media. >> even for a little while if not for the people poking and plays games all day long.
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one concern is my privacy versus my employer might be able to see and use in favor of hiring me or in favor of getting rid of me. how do you protect your privacy? >> the key issue in today's world is not only how you protect your privacy but how you manage your brand. most of us have multiple jobs. we don't spend 30 years and then retire with a pension. we're out there and people are finding us because they've heard we're good at something or they knew a friend of a friend. that's why tools like facebook and linkedin are the lifeblood. if you're invisible, that's almost as suspicious as having some negative information. >> do i have to go into my privacy setting to make sure my private stays separate from professional? >> you have to take an active role in managing your online reputation. you need to think about who is seeing what about me? you can do it but it does take a little bit of work. the controls are there. there are young people who have
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been, for instance, deactivating their facebook profile because they've got ten years of carousing and now they're interviewing for a job and so they don't want to delete it. that's how they're connected to their friends. they may want to come back. others are going out and grouping their friends. these are my friends. they can see everything. these are my colleagues, they can only see some stuff. >> i think jules best advice is to be proactive about protecting your site. thanks for being here with us. >> thank you. >> let's go back to mike and howard in the weather center. >> ok. if you're going outside, it is thick out there. you know what? we're expecting at least somewhat of a break as we head toward the weekend. >> front is going to slide through here. saturday and sunday, lower humidity levels will feel good. outdoor plans will be fine. the storm chances will be diminishing especially by sunday. here is a look at the allergy update. yesterday, it came in. the weeds were absent. mold was moderate. trees and grass were low.
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your bus stop forecast, we'll be putting this one to bed for the summer after tomorrow. i think arlington still in school until tomorrow. warm and muggy, a stray shower. temperatures in the 70s to near 80 degrees. sun came up about a half hour ago. looking at still upper 70s to around 80. spotty shower this morning. midday sunshine will mix in. this afternoon, partly sunny to mostly cloudy with the isolated strong thunderstorm possible. high temperatures around that 90 degree mark. with the humidity, it will probably feel like 95 to 100 when you factor in the heat index this afternoon. if you're going to be outside, you know the drill. take it easy so you don't overheat. we're looking at showers out to the west. especially up there in the shenandoah valley. western maryland, west virginia. not all of this is reaching the ground. it is nice and quiet in and around the immediate metro. we've got one area of showers developed up toward columbia. that's moving northeast. you can see it here on 29 over
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toward 100. that's moving quickly off toward the northeast. the other area of showers well to the west of washington now. you can see that coming in. oh, from the northern shenandoah valley up into parts of west virginia. this stuff is pretty light. that's it. your temperatures, they're way up there with the humidity. mid-70s montgomery county. 75 out in sterling. 81 in college park. here in washington, we've got 79 steamy degrees. heat index already 82. we will get that front tomorrow. that's going to help fire off more storms i think on friday. tomorrow's high is only in the upper 80s. saturday, slim chance of a storm south and in the mountains, 86. safeway barbecue battle, look better on sunday. high around 85. temperatures still around 88. storms and heat again tuesday and wednesday. monika is in with a look at
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your timesaver traffic. >> good morning, everybody. i've changed the light to yellow because we've been watching an accident on 95. we'll take a live look. virginia state police are in the clearing stages. this one did involve a motorcycle on the northbound side of i-95 at the franconia springfield parkway. you can see still some activity and they're kind of squeezing the left lane here. you've got delays from lorton, two to three miles up to the scene into springfield. squeeze over to the right to get by the activity and we'll keep you posted. let's take a look at the maps now and the beltway. we'll zoom into 270 on the southbound side. you can see the yellow cars. we do have some delays, picking up in volume from germantown headed down through past route 118. it looks good down into rockville. back over to the maps right now, zooming into the outer loop of the beltway, taking a live look. you've got actually no delays from 95 all the way around past route 29 toward georgia avenue. good news there. and now a look at your travel
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times on the inbound side of 66, it is about 19 minutes from 7100 to the beltway. the toll road from hunter mill to the beltway is only 7 minutes. beltway still looking good up to the toll road. 13 minutes right now. in my next report, another look around the area at 6:25. back to you guys. next in sports, the nationals do something they haven't done in six years? whoa! >> that sounds good, right? >> making sure children in the district have a safe and fun summer. the city kicked off safe summer and crime prevention initiative at stanton elementary in southeast. there was fun anded for a for everyone. there was there was fun and food for everyone.
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6:23. really muggy out there. we're seeing spotty showers.
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our future cast indicates spot is i showers this morning here and there and no biggy. we'll have temperatures climbing 70s to around 80 midmorning. lunchtime, we're talking well up in the 80s with the humidity. sunny breaks and this afternoon, spotty showers and storms. highs around 90. mike and andrea? >> in sports, the nationals and mariners have a 1:00 game today at nationals park and the nats are trying to move a game over .500. >> last time they've been at the .500 mark 2005. >> d.c. got a strong start from john. gave up one run and struck out three. while at the plate, the nats were able to capitalize on some mistakes by the ms. we keep hearing this name danny espinoza. got from first to third on a wild pitch. a throwing error. he then scored the go ahead on harrison's infield single. d.c. tops seattle 2-1 and the nats have won ten of their last 11. that is good.
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united states is moving on to the finals of soccer's gold cup. team u.s.a. took on panama in houston. dempsey scored the only goal of the game in the 77th minute. u.s.a. tops panama 1-nil in soccer. they'll mexico in the final. >> the nba draft is tonight in new york. wizards have picks number 6, 18 and 34. cleveland cavaliers have the overall number one selection. >> last night in las vegas, the nhl handed out its rewards. cory perry of the ducks went home with the trophy for most valuable player. tim thomas of the stanley cup champion bruins won the award for top goalie. >> in 20 minutes, we'll go live to the smith sewnian's american indian museum. learn about a great free event going on now through saturday. >> the district sees a big dip in revenue and it is because we're all following the rules of the road. how about that. speaking of the road, here's
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monika with a quick check on traffic. >> that's good news. this is as well. northbound on i-95 at the franconia springfield, accident has been moved to the side. you have delays out of lorton. we'll take a look at district roads at 6:31. you're watching 9news now. xxx÷÷÷÷2a2axddxxxxppxxxq
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant.
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bundle home and auto at we are back at 6:29. this is the place you always get your weather first. thanks for waking up with us. a live look at the botanical gardens on the national mall. might be just as humid in there as it is outside today. 78 degrees on the mall right now. it is thick. >> thank you for starting your thursday with us. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. good morning. howard bernstein live on the we're terrace. -- on the weather terrace. >> feels like i'm in south florida. there is a slight breeze. the humidity is here for the today and tomorrow. it gets better over the weekend. our day planner, lots of clouds right now. we'll see some sunny breaks. even a spotty shower this morning. look at the temperatures well up in the 80s by noon. near 90 with a high with about 89 at 5:00 p.m. a chance for an isolated thunderstorm or two. we're running mid to upper
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70s. 79 at annapolis and national. 73 in frederick and martinsburg. a couple of spotty showers we're seeing up in the northern shenandoah valley. your weekend forecast coming up in a few. right now, monika is in with a look at timesaver traffic. >> i've switched the light back to green because things are looking better. the earlier accident northbound 95 in springfield hear cleared. good morning. we're going to zoom into the district and take a little tour, shall we. we'll start off with a live look right here heading in on route 4 across the sousa bridge and over to capitol hill. everything looks fine. northwest right now, first of all taking a live look at 14th street and int pence avenue. there are no problems to report. we'll also take a look if we could live at the northwest side as well on canal road and fox hall road. rest assured everything looks good there as well as you head in from georgetown and over toward the key bridge or right through georgetown as well through m street. you will be fine. now, we'll take a look at your
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trains. metro and vre are fine. minor delays on marc brunswick line. 870 is running about 20 minutes later. in my next report, another look around the area at 6:46. back to you. there is a dispute between metro and its bus drivers. and you, the rider, could be caught in the middle. >> the dispute is over the dangers bus drivers face every day. surae chinn is tracking this commuter alert. last time we talked to her, she already was talking about delays. good morning, surae. >> good morning to you. i just got a copy of the operator's checklist. this is something they have to didn't through each and every morning. something on the list is that they have to radio in and make sure the radio is working. something they bypass every morning because they know the system is overloaded but today, they're not going through or bypassing any of the checklist here. so, what we're seeing right now are some of the drivers are about 20, 30 minutes late
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because they're going through their inspection. they're saying that wmata is not doing enough to keep them safe. drivers want to take a stand. after four attacks in the last week and a half, of metrobus drivers, the union says that's the last straw. they claim metro has refused to do what's necessary to protect bus drivers. anthony garland who we've been talking with all morning long is a bus driver for 21 years before becoming the safety officer of the bus driver's union. >> for the most part, this system works like it is supposed to. but i think right now, the operators are crying out to wmata saying since you can't help us and provide the safety that we need, we have to take means in our own hands and provide safety for ourselves. with a we're saying is that the jackie graham building is plenty of protection. they feel comfortable. those operators should feel the same way. >> reporter: garland explained one of the four bus drivers who were attacked last week was a
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guy at minnesota avenue. he was jumped by six guys. his surveillance camera wasn't working and the radio wasn't working so they say this checklist is so important. making sure that wmata knows this is important. that they have to keep them safe. and as a result, there could be people who are late for work today. mike? >> thank you, surae. oh, my goodness. you can hear the horns beeping in the background. the traffic lights are back to normal in montgomery county this morning. we first brought you this as breaking news yesterday. more than 200 lights were out of sync yesterday and traffic along rockville pike was backed up for miles. it was miserable. officials think the problem was caused by a power surge from a lightning strike. >> today, president obama heads to fort drum in new york. >> he'll meet with soldiers and talk more about his plan to pull troops out of afghanistan. >> the president wants to bring 10,000 troops home by the end of this year and a total of 33,000 home by next summer. >> after this initial
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reduction, our troops will continue coming home at a steady pace. afghan security forces move into the lead. our mission will change from combat to support. by 2014, this process of transition will be complete. and the afghan people will be responsible for their own security. >> the drawdown means about 70,000 military members will remain in afghanistan after next summer. some of the president's fellow democrats say it is not fast enough and promised to push for a quicker time line. the war in afghanistan began weeks after the september 11th attacks. that was nearly ten years ago. this weekend, the newseum is look back at the events through the eyes of journalists. i will be recounting my experience reporting on the attacks along with my former 9news now colleague mike walter who saw the plane fly into the pentagon. remembering 9-11 is this saturday, june 25th at 2:30 at the newseum. two years later and the wounds are still deep for
6:36 am
families of those killed in metro's red line crash. yesterday marked the tragedy's two-year anniversary. families held a wreath laying ceremony for the nine people killed. during the evening rush of june 22, 2009, two red line trains collided between metro's takoma park and the station. metro, some say is still not doing enough. >> one of the best fiscally fit cities in the whole country, that's what the chief financial officer says about the district. d.c. he said revenues from traffic fines are way down because of fewer tickets being issued. many suspect drivers are now familiar with where those red- light cameras are located. or the cameras have stopped working properly. the government collected only $8.5 million in fines with speeders caught on the cameras. far less than the $20 million they expected. in the past, we have had
6:37 am
substantial problem collecting those fines. >> city officials now think the projected revenues from the traffic and parking fines was wishful thinking on their part. at the same time, they insist the cameras are already about safety measures and not for revenue source. >> jessica doyle is off today but we're still watching your money and maybe you'll want to spend the money on the newest iphone. this is the older version, the web is blowing up with speculation on the iphone 5. bloomberg reports it will have a faster processor, a better camera and a new operating system but it will look like the current iphone model. apple is expected to begin selling it in september. >> spending your money on burritos? chipotle is hoping to attract more business by going local. the tex-mex chain says it will double the amount of local produce it uses this year. that includes things like bell peppers, lettuce and oregano. chipotle began its local produce campaign in 2008. it is official!
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men work more than women. that's according to a new report from the bureau of labor statistics. it finds the average working man spends eight hours, nine minutes a day on work-related activities while the average working woman spends 7 hours, 26 minutes a day. however, since last year, the amount men worked dropped 7 minutes while for women, it is up 10 minutes. howard says the heat and humidity are here and staying here today. temperatures in the 90s. >> here is a live look at southbound 270 and falls road. in the last few minutes, things have started to slow down just a bit. monika's next timesaver traffic report is 7 minutes away. >> thanks for choosing channel 9. here's what's on tv tonight... cw
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welcome back to 9news now. coming up on 6:43. we have to pay the piper but the payoff is going to be a great weekend. look at these people out there early this morning. >> good for them. >> this is the time to get up and if you're going to run, this is the place to do it. but what a weekend! >> no hills. >> early runners, too. howard is going to tell us about that. >> the humidity is up today. this afternoon is going to be another hot, steamy day. this weekend, we're cooling into the 80s with a lower chance of thunderstorms. >> tolerable weather. >> should be a decent weekend. today, your bus stop forecast, tomorrow will be the last day for this. thanks to arlington. finishing up tomorrow. we have mostly cloudy skies. warm and mug i didn't with a stray shower. sun rose -- sunrise happened about an hour ago. this morning, the spotty shower. we'll see temperatures climbing into the low to mid-80s rather
6:44 am
quickly. by lunchtime, 85, 86 in town. some areas will be in the mid to upper 80s. this afternoon, isolated thunderstorms once again. highs near 90. southwest winds 10 to 15. but any storms that pop up have that threat to be strong to severe. we've got a lot of energy and if we get the trigger that, will get them going. this morning, we watched hardly a shower or storm here off to the south and east. lighter showers are popping here and as we look at live doppler 9000 hd, you'll see here in the northern shenandoah valley, off toward charlestown back to winchester and martinsburg, almost to hagerstown. light showers continuing to stream up. this is all the way down to front royal as well. but that's it. it is muggy, warm. temperatures are in the upper 70s from winchester and culpepper. it is 78 at pax river. gaithersburg only 73. garrett county is in the 60s this morning. here in washington, d.c. reagan national at 79 but it feels
6:45 am
like 82 with the humidity. winds are light not helping them much but helping a bit. south-southwest at 6 miles per hour. our future cast shows we'll get a couple of breaks here today. isolated showers and storms here this afternoon. tonight, relatively quiet. tomorrow, we'll pop showers and storms starting i think in the middle of the day into the afternoon. this is ahead of a cold front. some of these will be strong to severe. potentially again. as we head into saturday, look, only in the mountains up in pennsylvania and new york. should be dry around here. so, the weekend looking a lot better. and drier. today, 90 with the isolated storm in the afternoon. spotty shower this morning. tomorrow, we start in the 70s. we finish in the upper 80s to near 90. saturday, 86 looks a lot better. the beltway barbecue downtown on pennsylvania avenue should be good with temperatures saturday and sunday in the mid- 80s. sunday looks better. a little drier. monday, upper 80s. storms return with the heat. monika? >> we're starting off with the
6:46 am
green light again because things are looking overall very good. we've got one crash. it is north of the beltway. we'll take you there live right now on the southbound side of connecticut avenue at veirs mill road just out of this camera shot. it is a three-car accident. let's take you to the outer loop of the beltway. you'll see a slowdown on the outer loop heading westbound basically as you leave new hampshire avenue to georgia avenue and then the pace improves leading springfield over to 66 in virginia. stop and go traffic now, leaving route 7100. it will take you most of the way to the beltway. we'll go now to 95 on the northbound side where -- 395 where you've got delays beginning at the beltway past duke street. most of the way to seminary road. now, let's take a look at sky 9 looking down on 95 on the northbound side, basically delays as you leave lorton into springfield right at the mixing bowl. there was that earlier accident involving a motorcycle, everything was cleared but it set the tone for the morning rush hour on 95. in my next report, another look
6:47 am
at hot spots at 6:58, mike and andrea, back to you. a big four-day event is underway right now to smithsonian's national museum of the american indian. it celebrates the culture of choctaw nation. joining us live from the mall to talk about this free event for the family is lee on da who is with the museum. >> good morning, mike, how are you? >> i have little ones as do many of our viewers, what are good for kids? >> it is a perfect event for kids and for families. for example, we have hands on activities that are going on where you can make your own small little mini basket. you can string beads together to make your own necklace or bracelet or you can make a small pinch pot made out of clay. >> i've been to a few festivals. is there going to be traditional song and dance? >> absolutely. you'll have a lot of different aspects to it. this is no different. we'll see lots of traditional dancing. they do a jump dance.
6:48 am
they do a snake dance. they have dances where they have interaction with the audience to bring people in to help them. they'll actually start that out on the welcome plaza. they'll actually bring the visitors inside for more dancing and for more interaction with artists and language experts. >> that sounds fun. what about food? anything available to eat as well? >> of course, food is always an integral part of any culture and so this is -- we actually have some excellent things that are available in the cafe. we have such things as fried rabbit, rabbit gumbo, some traditional foods. indian bread which is similar to like a meat loaf tamale. there are lots of things you can try. things you never had before but it will be interesting for a lot of people. >> that sounds fantastic. thanks for joining us this morning, leonda. >> great, thank you. 79 degrees here in
6:49 am
northwest washington. >> we have a check of the news before you go coming up next. first, a chance to get some of the best barbecue around! >> join us this weekend for the safeway barbecue battle saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. topper will be there on saturday. derek i think will be there on sunday. good eating along pennsylvania avenue between 9th and 14th streets northwest. >> time for the united airlines travel cast. we've got cloudy skies. south winds at 5 and 76 degrees at dulles. good visibility at 10 miles. threat of storms later on today. not only here but pittsburgh, columbus, detroit, chicago. some showers and rain. some thunder. going to be chilly only in the upper 60s. the heat is on though out west. sunny and warm in denver. 88 degrees today. you like the hot stuff, head out to phoenix. this is actually a degree or two cooler than yesterday. out in l.a., boy, it is nice. 71 and sunshine. san francisco, 70 and sunny.
6:50 am
with an onshore flow, they're cool and sunny in seattle with 61. [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee.
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>> 79 sticky degrees out there. we'll be around 80. 85 at noon. then this afternoon, we could see some isolated but strong thunderstorms. high temperatures around 90.
6:53 am
andrea? >> thank you, howard. today is thursday, june 23rd. here is a check on the news before you go. metrobus riders are being warned your bus could be delayed. drivers may take extra time during early morning safety checks. it is part of a union dispute with metro over safety and driver security. >> sources tell 9st in now evidence linked yonathan melaku to shootings last year. he's a suspect in last year's -- last year's security scare at the pentagon. >> one firefighter suffered minor injuries after this blaze overnight. it happened along bay street southeast at 17th street. no one was seriously hurt. there is major water and smoke damage. >> "the early show" begins in about six minutes. >> chris wragge tells us what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> coming up on "the early show," capturing a kingpin. arrest of one of the fbi's most wanted fugitives. an arrest that may end one of the fbi's most embarrassing cases. mass exodus. in north dakota, thousands are on the run from rising waters.
6:54 am
today could be the worst day of flooding in minot's history. with healthcare costs on the rise in a struggling community, some communities face a reality. they're losing their hospitals. we'll look inside the trend in an early show investigation on "the early show" here on cbs. mike, andrea? >> thank you, chris. >> we have one more traffic and weather check when 9news now returns. [ male announcer ] big news for allergy sufferers.
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prescription strength allegra is now available without a prescription. same exact medicine, same full prescription strength. allegra. now without a prescription. welcome back. before we go, one more thing to. say that there are many interesting sides to the illegal immigration debate here
6:58 am
in the united states is an understatement. here's one specific example. a former "washington post" columnist and journalist and a recipient of the pulitzer prize has now announced in an article in "the new york times" he is indeed an illegal immigrant. >> he could face deportation. the article will be published in the times on june 26th. mike said he worked for "the washington post." they have chosen not to public the article and they won't say why but they did not know that they had an illegal immigrant on their staff in the role that jose vargas played until he left the position, his mentor there knew about it but kept it secret. the post says this is wrong. but he says he is also the face of illegal immigrants so you can't lump everyone into one category. his family smuggled him into the country when he was 12 years old. it will be a fascinating read. it will be published in "the new york times" on june 26th. as i said, he could still face
6:59 am
deportation. >> the story is on our web site at howard? >> we've got a spotty shower this morning. a chance of a strong storm this afternoon. highs around 90. upper 80s. the weekend gets nice with less humidity and lower storm chances until the heat returns next week. >> monika? >> we'll take a look live at 66 on the inbound side. before route 50, a disabled vehicle moved to the shoulder. it is stop and go. slow on the beltway. inner loop side from braddock to 66. on the southbound side of 270, live look where it slows into montrose road. >> "the early show" is next with the latest on the flooding in north dakota and changes on how your children will go through security screening. >> howard and i will be back in 25 minutes with a live update on traffic and weather. >> you can get your latest information by going to >> we'll see you back here tomorrow at 4:25. have a great


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